“Protein 94 mg
Iron 0.22mg
Calcium 11mg
Magnesium 9mg
Ascorbic acid 8.4mg
Sodium 2mg
Potassium 1.95mg
Phosphorus 1.5mg
Nicotinamide 0166mg
D-panthenol 0.111mg
Vitamin E Acetate 033mg
Pyridoxine HCL 0.075mg
Manganese 0.064mg
Copper 0.049mg
Riboflavin Sod. Phspat 0.047mg
Thiamine HCL 0.031mg
Vitamin A Palmitate 57.6mcg
L-Lysine HCL 10mg
Zink 0.07mg
Folic Acid 5mcg
Menadion 4mcg”


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